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A mere three months into the brand new decade and it’s already clear that we were quite harsh to assume 2019 was the worst. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has essentially halted life as we knew it and restricted many of us around the globe to the confines of our homes to avoid spreading.

With social establishments shut, we’ve all got a little bit more time on our hands and you might notice the people you speak to (yourself included) making ‘pandemic resolutions’.

At the beginning of the year, we set ourselves ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ to achieve throughout the coming months, as 2020 is effectively cancelled – many people are utilising this free time to create new goals for themselves. The great news is, on behalf of the entire world, we could all do with a reset button and the pandemic we are experiencing could be that restart.

A resolution is only good if you’re going to stick to it. After all, how many of you have kept your New Year’s resolutions for the year this far? It shouldn’t take a global health crisis for us to take charge of our lives, but as we’re here – keep reading to find out how you can make those resolutions stick through the pandemic and beyond.




Now that you know, there’s nothing better to do; you might find that your lines of communication are surprisingly open. You’ve spoken to the people you live with at home more than ever before and suddenly impromptu FaceTime calls are a thing, even if it is just about toilet paper.

It’s almost difficult to remember a time that we weren’t talking about the coronavirus, but the main thing to take away from this is that we are talking. People are generally showing more compassion and there seems to be a real sense of ‘togetherness’ in the air.

Now that we’re talking to people more, it’s important to maintain communication with our loved ones even after the pandemic is over. Understandably, it might not be as frequent as it is now, but your relationships shouldn’t stop once the virus does.



Sustainability is one of the buzzwords for 2020 and we might not have known how important it is until facing this pandemic.

With panic buyers stripping the shelves clear of essential and luxury goods, it’s becoming clear that sadly, we buy with no real thought or need. Being stuck in the house for days on end will show you that you can really survive on the essentials, you don’t need throw-away fashions and a 200 pack of toilet rolls isn’t exactly a ‘smart buy’.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also seen small and niche businesses struggling to survive the financial pinch – it’s important more so than ever to support small and local businesses now and after this time passes.




Like the rest of us, you’ve probably set yourself a laundry list of goals to achieve or to accomplish when this is all over and that’s great. Whether it’s exercising more no you have the time to, picking up a new hobby or even learning a new skill; you should continue with self development throughout life – not just when the pubs and bars are closed.The trouble is we are almost forcing ourselves to achieve things, because there’s nothing else to do and as soon as life returns to a new normal; we’ll probably forget they ever existed – just like at New Year.

Bettering yourself, your mind and your skill set can often be difficult when the ups and downs of life occur; but achieving those things in any capacity is always going to be rewarding.


Final thoughts

With all things considered, the main thing to take away from this pandemic is that life really is short.

Many people have sadly lost their lives to the virus, many are preparing to lose their livelihoods and the brave people battling to save us are away from the ones they love the most.

If you’re going to make a pandemic resolution, try and stick to it. Let’s not wait until the next pandemic to put the true meaning of life into perspective.


We wish all of our readers health, prosperity and success for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Written by: Brijiena Lovelace E-commerce writer at The Mirror Online

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