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Beauty fads come and go. Whilst some are fun, last the test of time and become your new staple, so much can’t be said for others. Because when was over-plucking your eyebrows ever a good idea?

In 2020 not only do we see some pretty simple techniques to implement into your every day routine, we also see some that are friendlier on the environment too. Many beauty and lifestyle brands are now offering vegan alternatives to their ranges, opting for sustainable methods and all natural ingredients that are kind to skin and the planet.

Back to the fads that happen to stick around. It’s always nice to revive and even discover a method or miracle in a bottle that works for you. We’re always looking for quicker, cheaper and more convenient ways to look and feel great. If you’re looking to step your beauty game up, 2020 is the year to do it – with power brows, super subtle lips and healing crystals all on the forecast this year.

Brow Lamination


It all started with a simple tint and thread, now we’re here. In 2019 we were obsessed with Microblading, the results were stunning – but there’s a new sheriff in town.

In 2020 we’re ditching the bold brow look and opting for a natural, but by no means powerless method called Brow Lamination. Yes, you’re laminating your eyebrow but don’t worry, there’s not a piece of office equipment in sight.

The procedure is great for those with unruly or fine brows and gives a strong feathered effect by restructuring the brow hairs with two solutions. You’ll have full feathered brows for up to eight weeks, sounds like a dream if you ask us!

Softer Lips


 We all love a power lip, but you have to admit, a subtle lip can be just as endearing at times. Whilst nude lipsticks have always been a staple, this year we’re opting for lighter lip stains for a more ethereal look.

If a bold lip is more your thing that’s okay too, you can dare to be bold without going overboard. How about a soft, nude outer- lip with a bold, romantic red for a centre? Thank us later.

Sustainable Beauty


As mentioned in our intro, the industries are doing what they can do to make fashion and beauty more sustainable. Whether it’s an all natural range, ethical values or sustainable methods of trading – in 2020 you won’t have to search far to find companies doing their bit for the environment.

A lot of brands will even offer sustainable packaging, ditching the plastics and gravitating towards biodegradable and recyclable items like bamboo or paper.



Crystals have been around since the dawn of time, and countries have been using them to reap their beauty benefits for just as long. Facial rollers in 2020 will be seen more and more in crystal form this year, they’re simple to use, fairly inexpensive and we cannot argue with the positive effects they have on our skin.

Whether it’s Rose Quartz for wrinkle prevention or Amethyst to treat skin inflammation – there’s a crystal roller, or face sculpting tool out there for every face and beauty qualm.

Big Hair Accents


If you didn’t get a chance to get your clip game going last year, you can finally redeem yourself. Towards the end of 2019 we saw big hair clips make a comeback and our nine year-old inner school chid cannot get enough.

The bigger, the pearlier and the more glittery – honestly, the better. They make a great accent to complete any outfit, whether you’re casual or due a night on the town.

If you’re a bit more subtle with your look, you can opt for a sleek back hairstyle with sparkly bobby pins for a tiny bit of drama.

What beauty trends will you try out this year? Follow our blog for more fashion, lifestyle and wellness tips.


Photo Credit – Unsplash, Pretty Little Thing, Allure, Pinterest, Beauty Bay

Written by: Brijiena Lovelace E-commerce writer at The Mirror Online


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