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Deliciously Ella – Author, Social Media Sensation & Entrepreneur. Meet Ella Mills who has transformed the healthy eating sphere with delicious recipes.



The team at Luxe Designers pick her for their weekly Fabulous Female Entrepreneur.

We all have a secret crush on this cutie and she is under 30!!

Ella Mills took a path into the world of entrepreneurship back in 2012.

She started Deliciously Ella whilst she was still at University – she graduated in History of Art from University of St Andrews in 2013. In 2011, she had been diagnosed with a condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, as well as Ehlers-Danlos & Mast Cell Activation Disorder, following months in & out of hospital.

Encouraged by stories she read, she decided to turn to a whole foods, plant-based diet & overhauled lifestyle. She had three major obstacles at this point; she couldn’t cook, had no idea how to make plant-based recipes & had lost all of her sense of drive & passion.  Ella decided the way to combat all three issues was to start a diary of her culinary experiments, pushing herself to try new things in the kitchen each day & rediscover a sense of creativity.

She did this online through her blog – @deliciouslyella

Now, with almost two million followers across her social-media channels, a fourth cookbook on the way and two London-based delis, Deliciously Ella has become the embodiment of modern, healthy eating designed to be enjoyed.

Deliciously Ella has raised two rounds of equity finance. Recently donated over £150,000 of their snacks to those working day and night at our NHS.

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