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With the 2019 annual Chelsea Flower Show opening today in London, what better place to show some beautiful photos.

So, just what is the Chelsea Flower Show? Only the most famous flower show in the UK (possibly even the world), where world-renowned garden designers and plant and flower specialists come together to show off their newest creations. It’s attended every year by the Queen and other members of the royal family, London’s elite, and me, apparently, last year, and it is truly something to see. From whimsical outdoor gardens to classic, dainty indoor plants, there is something here to make everyone wish they had a greener thumb.

The Chelsea Flower Show has been an annual tradition in London since 1833 when it was first held in Chiswick.  In 1912, after debuting in several other locations, the show was moved to the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea where it has been held ever since. Held over five days in May, the Chelsea Flower Show marks the beginning of the British summer season* and as such, many of the show’s 150,000 visitors will show up in their summer Sunday best, so in addition to a flower show, you just might be treated to a bit of a Best-Dressed In Britain show as well.

The main event here is walking through the Main Pavilion, admiring the 100+ floral exhibits from the world’s top florists and nurseries. Awards are always handed out, the most prestigious being the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year. (It’s not always what you’d think. Last year it was a beautiful, yet unassuming, small yellow flower that I probably never would have given a second glance at. But then again, I’m no horticulturalist.) Besides the Main Pavilion, there are smaller tents to visit, as well as the can’t-be-missed outdoor gardens. This is where I feel like people were able to get really creative, designing their gardens using sculptures and other unusual design elements in addition to flowers and plants.

Tickets for this year’s show are already sold out, but even if you aren’t able to get into the show itself, it’s still worth coming out this way. The streets of Chelsea come alive during the week of the flower show for the annual Chelsea In Bloom festival, and no tickets are needed, and plenty of pop up bars. This year will feature over 50 window displays as well as large installations in Sloane Square, King’s Road, and Duke of York Square. In other words, Chelsea is about to become the most Instagrammable neighbourhood in London this week – hashtag   ChelseaInBloom



RHS Chelsea Flower Show: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

Address: Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3 4SR


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