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Look how far H&M has come….

Stretch marks, fat folds and natural women body curves. This is what we could see on the pictures from the H&M swimwear collection about this time last year. As summer hearings are fast approaching, Luxe Designers team would like to go back to this collection and remind you of body positivity and summer happiness.

Last year, Hennes & Mauritz, known as H&M, one of the most popular fast-fashion retail companies went towards the body positive movement. Instead of super skinny and tall models, the SS19 collection was represented by women in different shapes and sizes. H&M joined Oysho, Nike, Missguided and ASOS group who were already creating campaigns and showing their products on the natural women with no, or minimal use of photoshop.

This move was widely praised on social media, with some highlights such as ‘Thank you h&m for reinforcing more positive body images and saying no to airbrushing’ or ‘Always been a fan of h&m but even more so this morning. Well done for showing body positivity with your models and not photoshopping stretch marks out of your photos.’

 What does body positive mean?

Body positivity is a movement that applies to the belief that ‘all human beings should have a positive body image’. This should lead to accepting your body as it is, no matter of shape size and/or disabilities. This movement aims to help people understand that NOBODY perfect and we should be happy with what we have. It is certainly difficult to just be happy and appreciate our bodies, especially when we see so many imperfections (that probably no one ever noticed). Moreover, we are surrounded by pictures and videos of people with beautiful bodies every single day. Even if we know that the pictures were edited, our subconsciousness tells us that ‘this is how you should look like but you don’t.’ There is a huge effect of media on our day to day mood as well as general perceptions of ourselves. Although, some brands are trying to change it and succour.

Why do brands choose not to use only skinny models for their campaigns?

H&M does not only support the positive body movement and shows that stretch marks and skin folds are absolutely normal, but also tries to unveil the silhouettes on different body shapes. Due to this fact, their potential customers have an idea of how will a swimsuit look like on particular body size.

Spring/Summer 2019

This collection was definitely a big step towards the body positivity. Thus, our team wants to remind you to stay positive and accept your body. Have you already planned your summer trip? Do you feel the spring/summer vibe?


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Written by Amelia Krzapa • Editor – in – chief • AIM Magazine


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