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Nicolas Ghesquière has landed in New York at TWA Flight Center to show the cruise 2020 collection. Not literally landed there though. After Monaco, Palm Springs, Brazil, Japan, and the French Riviera, Nicolas Ghesquière decided to present the Louis Vuitton collection at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport.

As reported by Vogue, the TWA Flight Center Eero Saarinen in 1962, looks like a UFO grounded amid the 747s of JFK airport. The terminal closed almost 20 years ago but will reopen as the TWA Hotel on May 15. Ghesquière said that he chose this place as a ‘memory of the emotion of the first uncovering of the city’ as he landed on this airport, when it was still open, as he was going to visit and discover New York for the third time in his life. Thus, this fashion show seemed very personal and full of emotions. ‘As a French designer showing here, I felt very free to express emotions and even clichés about the city,’ Ghesquière said.

 Back to the future – cruise show

 What innovation! Our team was amazed by the Connected bags with OLED screens inside. Apparently, you can also connect them to WiFi and the LV app. It is not the first unique piece that we have seen from Louis Vuitton. Do you remember the men’s autumn/winter 2019 fashion show with the glow-in-the-dark bags? Seems like Nicolas Ghesquière likes the futuristic style. Do you?

My superhero model

Not only the place itself looked like from Marvel’s movies. The garments brought the superhero, Batman vibe as well. “One of the ideas was Gotham City,” he admitted. “I love the fantasy around New York. The dark side, too. Batman Art Deco.”

The batwing sleeves and bubble skirts straight from the 80s, Elizabethan puffed sleeve velvet tops, board shorts and cap-toe combat boots from the 90s. These are just a few examples of the pieces that Nicolas Ghesquière showed us. Inspired by different times was still able to bring the futuristic references.

The garments’ structures were the interpretations of Ghesquière’s feelings about New York from the suit-clad yuppie businessmen and working girls of the 1980s to its bedazzled Park Avenue ladies.

What exactly does the cruise collection mean?

A cruise collection, also known as a resort collection is a fashion show that refers to travel and holiday is an inter-season or pre-season line of ready-to-wear clothing produced, in this case, by Louis Vuitton house as an addition to other collection. Cruise collection is a supplement in a way.

This futuristic, self-referential collection was presented by Natalie Westling, Sora Choi, and Selena Forrest, but also by some less familiar faces. For example, a Canadian model – Krow who walked his first show after transitioning. Trans and androgynous models definitely stole the show at Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020.

Written By: Amelia Krzapa • Editor – in – chief • AIM Magazine

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