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2021 has come with a Bang and as usual, the New Year creates a stigma around this “New Year, New Me” motto.

But this is the year to focus on being kinder to yourself, taking time to recover from an intense 2020, and dedicating your time to becoming the best version of yourself for yourself.

Here are some ways to get yourself ready for the best 2021….

Create a space in your room, flat or house for only your work or studies. This will make sure that you work or study there and there only. This also allows you to separate work from life in your own home, especially during these times of Lockdowns and not being able to go anywhere else. So create a nice, lush and professional-looking space.

Create a routine to follow, whether that be wake up early and do a home workout or wake up and take ten minutes to meditate. This is a great way to focus on yourself and helps you prioritize your mental and physical health. Having a routine is great especially in a time where it is hard to stay focused or even prioritize yourself. Remember to be kind and gentle to yourself and not focus on being too religious of following your routine.

Start journaling, write your ideas, and start taking notes of what made you happy during the week or what you are grateful for. This is a great way to get your mind to focus on good thoughts and on the positives of life. This is also a fantastic way to express yourself and manifest things and ideas. Don’t be shy about writing, it’s your time and your space so you are free to say whatever you want. It’s liberating and helps you not bottle everything up.


HOME WORKOUTS!! These are life-saving and youtube has so many options and variations. Choose the one you like and get into the habit of doing one daily or every so often. Integrate walking into your daily habit as well and you will feel 100 times better. Between the sweat of the workout and the fresh air of the walk, you will feel so much better and feel like you have accomplished a lot more. Madfit, Pamela Reif or Growingananas are some great HIIT youtube workout options, but there are so many more. Yoga by Adriene or even Boho Beautiful Yoga is great for a more relaxed workout.

Lastly, get your juices flowing, get creative and have a fun time!! Create mood boards for your aesthetic for your house, clothes style and whatever you want to create it for. Create monotone mood boards, or even colourful, vibrant ones. This is a great way to destress and have some fun. Overall this is a time to take care of yourself, it’s not about creating a “New You”, but a you that focuses on your well being and happiness, in a very difficult and straining time. Be kind to yourself.

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