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Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world as life is slowly getting back to normal we thought we would share the best hangout spots and bars. Let’s admit it who doesn’t love to just Hang Out!??Socialising is one of the best parts of life, and where better to do so than in Rome!! The best “Aperitivo” places in Rome”

The Tree Bar – buzzing little local bar

Rome Nightlife Guide: Bars for Aperitivo

A beautiful bar situated right in the middle of a leafy green vista. Only a few stops on the tram from Piazzale Flaminio and the Centre of Rome. This is a great place for  lunch, intimate dinner or drinks and tapas. Tree Bar is known for making fresh bread, wood-oven pizza and artisanal beer from its own agricultural agency: Treefarm. It is also an amazing setting for a summer Aperitivo which comes with a complimentary buffet.

Monday is like a Friday”We Like Monday Aperitivo”, a DJ plays modern jazz, electro-soul and ‘Brazilian moods’.

Another amazing hangout in Rome is the Hotel Locarno


The inside bar feels like you have just stepped into a “Gatsbyesque” scene with dark oak and elegant vintage details. They offer an Aperitivo that is comprised of high-quality ingredients which means delicious foods are created to match the luxurious atmosphere. There is an outside courtyard romantic area open during the summer. There is also a Rooftop terrace bar, with breathtaking views the perfect setting for an easy luncheon, a more formal-yet-comfortable daytime gathering, an intimate spot to enjoy a sunset into late-night dining, or just a restorative moment against the backdrop of Trinità dei Monti skyline. Reservations are a must!

Minerva Rooftop Bar

Bar Minerva - Rome

This rooftop bar is right next to the majestic Pantheon, which specializes in Martinis (more than 16 kinds on their menu)!!! Who is up for that?? It’s the perfect place for a date or a romantic getaway to view the city from an amazing location. It also has such a spectacular view which means it’s the perfect “Instagramable” backdrop. Plus, it has a Vogue-worthy terrace which is right in the heart of Rome, remember “dress to impress” it is Italy after all!

You can also stop to admire Bernini’s elephant statue which is in front of the hotel.

Another Great Rooftop Bar is at La Rinascente

Up Sunset Bar in Rome on the Rinascente Rooftop - An American in Rome

It’s a secret among locals. This is a great rooftop bar which is nestled away at the top of a shiny and department store called La Rinascente. Located close to the hustle and bustle of the city center as, as well as near one of the most famous attractions: The Trevi Fountain.  Amazing stylish sunset cocktail bar as well as a restaurant that is run by Michelin-star chef Riccardo Di Giacinto. Another fun fact is that La Rinascent is built on top of ancient Roman Acquedotti. Don’t feel guilty about just shopping and drinking cocktails, immerse yourself in more culture and have cocktails and dinner all at the same time!!

Save the best for last…. Bar del Fico

Bar del Fico, Rome

Although it lies only a few steps away from Piazza Navona, Bar del Fico is one of the locals’ favorite spots to enjoy a drink or coffee at any time throughout the day. During the day, it is a Roman bar filled with both distinguished men playing chess, as well as hipsters on their laptops. When the sun goes down, this place becomes a popular cocktail bar where people gather to have drinks and sit outside to “see and be seen”! Normally there are lively crowds and radio-friendly tunes which make it a trendy location in a very tourist-heavy area. Enjoy the Italian cocktails such as Spritz or Negroni and the crazy Roman Crowd! Don’t forget to wear your best frock and a stylish handbag made in Italy!

Places to Hang Out in Rome


This is where all the locals go to hang out, there are gorgeous old-style houses and apartments which you can look at while walking around and choosing where to have your drink. There are a variety of bars and tequila shot bars where you can either sit in or out, perfect for bar hopping as this area comes alive at night! For all you night owls this is a must.

Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de’ Fiori is a rectangular square south of Piazza Navona. This is another great hang out place for everyone, young, old, local, tourist. There are loads of bars you can choose from, whether it be “The Drunken Ship” to play some beer pong or a Shisha Bar. During the day it’s a market and at night time its where everyone goes to gather, have some cocktails and gossip about the day. In the middle, you will find the statue of Giordano Bruno, who fought for Italian Independence, did you ever think you could play beer bong and talk history?

Ponte Milvio -a place close to my heart

Top Non-Touristy Things to do in Rome - Romeing

Ponte Milvio is another great hangout place for all ages. The bridge is over the Tiber in northern Rome. This bridge is known for it’s strategic location during the Roman Empire, as well as it was the site of the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312, led by the ruler Constantine. Ponte Milvio also has a variety of bars and restaurants. This bridge was also known for it’s Love Locks, which caused a lamppost to fall over in 2007, due to the weight of the padlocks that were attached. The classical Roman atmosphere and the views across one of Rome’s oldest bridges are enough to bring you to the north of the city center.

There are so many more gorgeous bars and hangouts in Rome, just walking around you can discover so much! Enjoy this remarkable city.

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