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Love is in the air – sang by John Paul Young in 1978. And it is, indeed as the season for weddings has come. Lucky you if you already got invited for such a big celebration. This is not just a simple party that is why you should already be thinking of what you are going to wear. It is not easy to choose from. Obviously, you want to look stunning, maybe fun in a way but your choice has to be well thought to find the appropriate outfit. Follow our simple rules and you will be fine.

  1. Long dress – any colour except white

A dress seems like the best and easiest option. If it is summertime floral patterns and pastel colours will look great. However, any colour except white will be fine as long as the style is appropriate. Do not wear a super mini dress or a cutout dress. It is not appropriate for the occasion. Why not white? Simple because this is the bride’s colour and the only person who should be wearing white is she. But come on, you have so many other colours to choose from – you will be fine. Even black could work, but do not move too far with it. You don’t want to look as you are going for a funeral.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes – heels that you can walk in and dance for a long time

Your whole sophisticated look will probably require wearing heels. Remember to wear those that you feel comfortable in, as you will be walking and dancing in them for the whole day and perhaps even longer. Nobody says that heels have to be high so don’t worry 5 cm will look pretty as well.

  1. Cover your shoulders – wear sleeves or bring a cover-up

This rule is vital. There are many wedding ceremonies that take place in some sacred spaces that may have some strict rules when it comes to a dress code. Thus, be prepared and bring a cover-up or wear sleeves. We have to show the respect.

  1. Bring a clutch bag to enhance your elegance

You know how important the accessories are. Even if you are not a big fan of jewellery or hair accessories, no matter what you will always have your bag with you. When invited for a wedding, we totally recommend you to take a small clutch bag like this one:

You will not only have a place to keep your phone, keys, and lipstick but it will make your outfit look even more elegant. And weddings are about being chic.

  1. A too sparkly cocktail dress is a big NONO

It is again about stealing the spotlight of a bride and groom. Do not wear fully glittery or covered in sequins cocktail dresses. Keep it for the New Year’s Eve party or any other occasion. We are not saying that a little bit of sparkle is not allowed. Shiny details are fine. Just let the newlyweds shine.

Written by Amelia Krzapa • Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine 

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