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Rainbow Clothes Trend: Fashion Brands And LGBT+

June 2019 was definitely full of colours as this time was marked as a Pride Month as well as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. Due to this fact, many fashion and beauty brands came to support the LGBTQ community in different ways. From H&M working with Laverne Cox on “Stay True Stay You” campaign, through footwear brand UGG redesigning their fluffy slides, to Polo Ralph Lauren and its capsule gender-neutral collection. Our team got closer to the Pride Month from the fashion perspective and checked what ideas some of the fashion retailers had to show the love for LGBT+ and have a positive impact.

  1. H&M

Does “Orange Is The New Black” ring a bell? Well, you are right. Laverne Cox collaborated with H&M this time. “Stay True, Stay You” pride collection included rainbow-laden unisex T-shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, accessories and shoes and features phrases like “Every Body Is Free to Love,” “Free & Equal” and “Proud.” Also, H&M will donate the ten percent from sales to the United Nations Free & Equal campaign.

  1. UGG

UGG decided not to go create a new collection but to redesign their Fluff Yeah Slides. This time we had these options to choose from Pride Rainbow Yellow, Pride Rainbow Purple, and Pride Stripes. Who wouldn’t like to have a pair of colourful fluffy slides? Collaborating and donating 25% of the sales to Born This Way Foundation.

  1. Gap

T-shirts and accessories with some inspirational quotes such as “My Dads rock”, “Free to Be Always” and “Be Kind” (all in rainbow colours). Available for women, men, children, and babies. This was the Pride Month Gap Inc.’s collection in partnership with the United Nations Free & Equal campaign. 

  1. DKNY

Here we have supporters of the Hetrick-Martin Institute. DKNY launched the capsule collection including apparel, watches, and accessories – obviously in rainbow colours.

  1. Polo Ralph Lauren

The brand launched its first capsule collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community. The collection included a t-shirt, sweater, polo shirt, tote bag, and a hat. The donations of 100% of the proceeds from the sold t-shirts and 50% from other items were given to Stonewall Community Foundation.

  1.  Michael Kors

Continuing the commitment to God’s Love We Deliver Michael Kors donated 100 percent of proceeds from its $58 #MKGO Rainbow t-shirt to the organization. Moreover, the brand sponsored the organization’s celebration of the 50th-anniversary celebration of Pride at the Stonewall Inn.

  1. Diesel

Colourful garments in different patterns were created in order to support the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative. There was quite a lot of pieces to choose from and all of them were at affordable prices. This was Diesel’s first pride collection.

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch

Supporters of The Trevor Project The “Face Your Fierce” campaign was based on collaborations with LGBTQ activists and ambassadors. A large part of the profits from this collection was donated.

These are just a few examples. There are much more than this. June 2019 was certainly a month of raising awareness and creating a positive communication. Fashion has become one of the many tools to do so and also found a huge number of its supporters.

Written by Amelia Krzapa • Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine 

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