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Team Luxe Designers is excited to unveil this week’s pick of a Fab Female Entrepreneur under 30.


Meet Lucrezia “Lulu” Bisignani a social entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of London-based Kukua. Named in 2019 as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs, Bisignani began developing mobile gaming to teach African children basic reading, writing, & mathematics to help battle functional illiteracy among approximately 200 million African children and around the world.

Kukua is an educational entertainment company aiming to increase child literacy in Africa. Young users follow Super Sema, Africa’s first animated young heroine, through a suite of smartphone games building skills around reading, writing and math.

Super Sema combines the world of education & entertainment to create magical learning experiences that will empower generations of children in Africa & the world with the skills and confidence to pursue anything they dream of.

Bisignani is a 2014 graduate of Mountain View, California-based Singularity University & Bisignani was nominated among the 100 most influential Italian women in technology by StartupItalia, was selected to speak at WIRED 2016 as one of the women who are changing the world.


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