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Let’s go back to fall 2018 when we witnessed a big comeback of the western-inspired clothing pieces. Leather jackets and bags with fringes were not the only indicators of western fashion. Do notched lather, pointed toe and low heel ring a bell? Yes! We are talking about the ankle boots straight from Texas. Have you already gone fashion rodeo?

Last autumn celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kesha and Miley Cyrus were emphasizing their silhouettes by wearing ankle or high cowboy inspired boots. They wore cowboy boots with dresses, casual jeans or short skirts. Social media platforms were also full of different outfits paired with this type of shoes. More and more people have started to adapt the trend that came back from the 60s. Not only fashion bloggers and influencers find the courage to go nuts and play with the cowboy, or should we say, cowgirl, fashion. I have seen loads of women walking down the street wearing cowboy boots in diverse styles and colours.

After quite a long time of observing women wearing cowboy boots, I decided to buy one pair for myself as well. I must admit that this was quite a challenge for me as I always thought that cowboy style is definitely not for me. Nevertheless, I bought one pair of white ankle cowboy boots and now… I truly love them! Not only because I can wear them every day with my blue jeans and a basic white t-shirt, but also because they are sexy and look stunning with dresses. It is quite funny as I used to be a big opponent of the whole cowboy style. That is another reason why we all should play with fashion and try to wear new pieces. Wearing cowboy boots does not necessarily mean that you have to go head to toe with fringes and leathers. Do not overdo it. Think it through and match different clothes with cowboy boots. This last fall trend gives us an opportunity to create some beautiful and flattering looks.

Why am I writing about a trend form fall 2018 now? As we all know, trends come and go quickly. Although, this trend might stay with us for longer. Autumn is not the only season for wearing boots. Spring and summer outfits can look gorgeous when paired with boots as well. For some of you, cowboy boots may sound like kitsch. And there is nothing wrong with it. Cowboy shoes are definitely not for everyone. Don’t force yourself if you really do not feel the western vibe. However, I took a risk and bought a pair. Honestly, this was one of my best purchases this season. Are you thinking of getting cowboy boots as well?

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