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White shirt. Some time ago worn only by elegant men. Late 50s was the time when women started to wear it as well. Today, most of us cannot imagine not having one in the closet. A simple white shirt is definitely one of the most classic staples in the modern ladies fashion. However, how many times can you wear the same shirt all over again? Also, what is the point of constantly buying a new white simple shirt? Sounds slightly boring, doesn’t it? Here comes the Luxe Designers team. We prepared a list of five ways on how to enhance your look and make your simple white shirt stand out from the crowd.

  1. Tie it up into a knot

Tie the bottom ends of the shirt in a large knot and make it a crop top. Wear it with a pair of loose culottes and your new summer look is ready. Easy, right?

  1. Roll up the sleeves

Looking for a casual but unique look? Simply, roll up the sleeves and leave some buttons open. This season, your shirt will look trendy when paired with flowy long skirts in floral or other bold patterns.


  1. Pair it with denim

When we think about white shirt it usually has this elegant and formal attire. Make it casual by simply wearing it with a pair of high waist blue jeans or boyfriend denim trousers. This look will not only be classy but comfortable at the same time.

  1. Wear bold accessories

Bold accessories will instantly bright your shirt up and make it stand out. Choose a collar, pendant or long chain necklace in any colour. Button your shirt all the way up for the formal look and leave some buttons open for more loose and casual looks.


  1. Add a neck bow

If you need a sophisticated, chic look for a formal occasion you can leave some top buttons open and create an elegant neck bow from your chiffon scarf. A delicate fabric around your neck will play a role of the jewellery and enhance your classy outfit.

The simple white shirt is known and loved because of its timeless elegance and classic vibe. It does not matter what is your favourite fashion style or what occasion you need this piece for. White shirt will be a great choice at work, for cocktails with friends as well as for a casual Sunday walk in the park. You can’t get bored with it! You just need to pair it with some fresh pieces and accessories. Follow our steps to create some great casual and elegant new outfits from an old shirt.

Let us know if you have your own unique ideas on how to make your simple white shirt stand out from the crowd. We will rock this season with our gorgeous shirts!

Written by Amelia Krzapa • Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine 


Bold accessories – Christian Vierig

Denim – Christian Vierig

Neck bow –

Tie it up –

Cuff the sleeves – (picture with orange skirt) Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images




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