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A Big Come Back of a Bucket Bag

Obviously, we all like our tote bags because we can fit there everything. From makeup bags and clothes to laptops and work documents. Totes are definitely very practical and perfect for everyday use. However, there should also be a time for a change. A change for this small, sophisticated and a perfectly designed bucket bag.

Fashion designers are currently in love with those flat-bottomed bucket bags. They do polish them and bring some fresh bucket bag ideas season after season. New designs are coming and we already have a great number of designer bucket bags to choose from. Fashion designer and mass retailers offer us different pieces. It is hard not to spot at least one bucket bag when you walk into any fashion store. The bucket bag is a perfect medium between a large tote bag and a too small clutch bag.

Did you know?

Did you know that the trendy bucket bags that wear today, as an elegant accessory, were invented for another reason? The first ever bucket bag was designed by Louis Vuitton in 1923 for the purpose of holding champagne bottles. As we read in British Vogue “Vuitton’s Noé bag was created to hold five bottles of champagne – four around the base and one in the middle with its neck pointing downwards – and when the drawstring was tightly tied to hold the bottles together, acted as an exceptionally chic receptacle for parties in the great outdoors and the perfect gift for someone who had, literally, everything.”

Modern bucket

The Noé bag still exists and is certainly doing well in the world of fashion. However, the great modern bucket bag comes in various designs, sizes, colours, and patterns. Fashion designers have a lot to offer. They work on the new structures and shapes to please our needs and bring some unique pieces. Short strap, long strap, cross body or the quilted one. There is probably anything you may like.

Why do I need a bucket bag?

Well, if you really want to, you can still use it as a champagne holder, can’t you? Bucket bag was designed for that reason, right?

Bucket bag will not fit your laptop but it will work perfectly with your evening outfit. You can always take your bucket bag and keep it hidden somewhere in your big tote bag. It will be there, just in case you need to run for an unexpected meeting or lunch. You don’t need to take your whole “office” with you. Wallet, phone, keys and your favourite lipstick that is all you need in your bucket bag.

Do you have one already?

Let us know why do you like your bucket bag.

Don’t have one yet?

Stay tuned! have some new bucket bags coming soon!

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