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Not everyone loves minimalism and classic solutions. Wearing a bag and shoes in the same colour was definitely a hot trend in the 90s. The old school concept is still here. However, opinions regarding a perfect match between shoes and bags, vary.

Some people still think that your bag has to match the colour of your shoes. Moreover, they minimalism supporters say that it is not only about wearing any red bag and any pair of red trousers. They believe that the shade of the colour is vital too. This rule is perfect for those who need a simple, minimalistic, and classy look. It is okay if you follow this, but don’t do it too often. Otherwise, you might get bored as well as tired of running from store to store or from the ground floor to the top floor – as you can usually find bags downstairs in the department stores whereas shoe heaven can be found somewhere else. Perhaps, it was located this way for a reason?

We recommend wearing the perfect match for special occasions that require an elegant, formal outfit. This might be a wedding or an important business meeting. Apart from that, have fun with your accessories and choose your accessories that go well with your style and fashion taste.

World most known stylists encourage us to mix and match accessories. They keep saying that fashion is about being brave and having a great time while creating your unique look. Isn’t it great?

Choosing the best accessories and matching their colour with the whole look can sometimes be very challenging. You want to run wild with the tones of your accessories but then you stop and think “ hold on, I don’t look well in so many colours”. We have something that may help you with matching your accessories.

It is time for accessories to stand out…

If you like wearing clothes from the basic collections you should choose accessories in brighter colours that will enlighten your look. A green bag will be a great choice if you are wearing all in black outfit or a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Partial Match – An easy rule to remember. When your shoes are colourful and patterned, let’s say in red, white and navy blue stripes, your bag should be either in red, white or navy blue. It works in both ways. If your bag is floral in green, pink, and yellow colours choose plain shoes in green, pink or yellow.

Artsy Look   If you love colours, crazy outfits, and you think that matching accessories is boring and does not work for you well. You can always match your shoes and bags with your clothes. Your tie-dye green, yellow and black shades dress would look great with simple black espadrilles and a yellow bag. Can you feel the summer vibe already?

Texture – What is very important, when thinking of shoes and bags, is the texture. If you choose glossy stiletto heels, then take a glossy bag with you as well. It works equally for suede, leather or any other texture.

Go ahead and play with your accessories! Mix, match, have fun and express your unique style. Let’s show the world our fresh ideas!

  • Written by
  • Amelia Krzapa
  • Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine

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