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The elegant designer bag usually forms a relationship with a chic look. It is considered to be an accessory that can be only worn with a sassy dress and sophisticated high-heels. Nothing could be further from the truth! Being modern and trendy women means to be confident and brave enough to mix and match different styles and accessories.

We have to admit that quite a few of us is busy running from home to work, from shop to shop or from work to the favourite bar for cocktails with friends. We also want to look great every time. Isn’t it right? However, not all of us like wearing high-heels and prefer to choose a comfy sporty look.

The fact that you put on your comfortable sneakers does not have to literally mean that you will be going to the gym or for your fitness class. You can wear sporty shoes for any occasion and still look sophisticated.

Have a look at our inspirations on how to match your sports shoes with an elegant designer bag.

Hobo bag + sneakers

Firstly, hobo bag where you can fit anything you wish, and trendy sneakers. This is a great casual set that will become your best shopping company. Comfy, cool and fashionable.

Tote bag + sneakers

 Working days are usually busy days. These are the days when you probably have a lot to take with you. Tote bags are here to make your busy lifestyle easier by providing space for all of your daily essentials. Pair your tote up with sneakers and you are ready to go!


Clutch bag + sneakers

When you do not need much to take with you. Planning on going to the cinema or for cocktails with friends? Choose the classic clutch bag and your favourite pair of sports shoes. You will look fresh and stylish.

Cross Body bag + sneakers

Cross Body bag will be the best choice when going for a walk in the nearby park. A small, elegant bag worn on the side of your body will make your outfit look chic and feminine when wearing your beloved pair of Adidas.

Accessories can work miracles if selected well. It is not only about clothes. You can wear a basic, plain, white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Although, to look classy you need to complete the look with appropriate accessories. All abovementioned sets are only some examples of the elegant designer bags that you could create with your sporty shoes. Now, creating the perfect glam-sport look is in your hands. Check out our stock and find the best designer bag that will complete your sneakers.


Our advice: Do not match sneakers and a sports bag unless you are going to the gym. When wearing sneakers and a designer bag you will feel glamorous but still comfortable.

  • Written by
  • Amelia Krzapa
  • Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine

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