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Trends will come and go but no matter how hard we will try to stay in fashion and update our wardrobes as often as possible some pieces of clothing will stand the test of time. These items are the core of our style and whenever we feel like there’s a gap in our outfit, we tend to reach out exclusively for them.

That is why, Luxe Designers team is ready to help you make sure that you have these 10 classic pieces in your capsule wardrobe.

The White Shirt

Whether it’s skinny or loose boyfriend jeans, tailored black trousers or culottes, you have to admit, a classic white shirt goes perfectly with any of it. It is always there to help you when you’re in one of those “nothing fits me, I hate my clothes” mood.

The Camel Coat

You can literally wear the most boring or unflattering outfit ever, but the moment you put a camel coat on, you can easily become the next street style capture for some photographer passing by. It gives elegance to any ensemble and confidence to each and every one of us.

The Leather Handbag

It’s pretty obvious why we think that #3 is one of the if not the most important item in this list. A good quality leather handbag will make any look become more expensive and exclusive Last week on The Luxe Dialogue we talked about the reasons why you deserve a designer handbag so go read that and afterwards treat yourself with one of the beautiful handbags from


Do we really need to say anything about why Little Black Dress is on this list? Doesn’t matter the price or the brand, if you have it in your wardrobe, you’re definitely on the right track.

The Perfect Jeans

We all have that one pair of denim jeans that make everything look perfectly right. It can be the cheapest ones from H&M but if it works, it works.

The court shoes

It might be not the most comfortable option, but it definitely is the most flattering one. The perfect pair of court shoes goes with the LBD, the perfect jeans, the camel coat and pretty much with every other item on this list, so definitely worth to invest in a more expensive pair.

The Leather Jacket

You can throw it on a simple white T-shirt or over your favourite summer dress, it will look great and make you feel confident and chic. An investment that you’ll never regret and wear to death.

The Plain White Trainers

It really doesn’t matter that ugly sneakers are now on the top of the trend lists, plain white trainers will get you through any shoe crisis that you might have. And it will give your feet a well-deserved rest after wearing those sky-high court heels.

The Trouser Suit

Ever felt in limbo and just really confused on what to wear when the weather is okay but not really? The trouser suit is the best choice in situations like that and in any other situation really, because it just looks so flattering and elegant on any figure.

The Timeless Jewellery

A woman is fully dressed when she has her jewellery on, right? Nothing more to say here.

Written by Vytaute Milvydaite




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