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Getting a T-shirt seems pretty simple, but in fact, we shouldn’t just go to a store an get the first one that we see. It is slightly more complex than we think. Let us explain…

There are about 7.5 billion people on our planet and each of us is completely different. We differ from each other by variable aspects. In this article, I will focus on the face shapes, why? Simply because we should be aware of the fact that the purchase of, for instance, a basic t-shirt, should be based on the wise selection of a piece that will fit the shape of your face. We do not want to look bad and unattractive, what could happen if we make the wrong choice.

Have a look at our tips on how to correctly choose the necklines to different face shapes. (These are just some examples)…

Oval Shape – Any Type of Neckline

Ladies with an oval face shape are surely lucky. They do not have to worry too much about the necklines. Most of the types will look well on them.

Oblong Face – Strong Horizontal Lines / Strapless / Horizontal Patterns or Accessories

Oblong faces require strong horizontal lines. Strapless dresses will be a great choice for the summer. If you do not like horizontal necklines, you can always go for horizontal stripes or any other horizontal pattern.

Triangle Face – Soft lines / Ruffles / Collars

Triangular shapes are usually very sharp. That is why we match them with softer lines, ruffles and large collars. You can wear a simple blouse, but choose the one with a patterned collar or the one with delicate embroidery on it.

Round Face – V necklines / Jewellery (long necklace)

This is when you wear V-lines to make your face look slimmer and more oblong that it actually is. We would recommend avoiding tight necklines that will be close to your face. Although if you really like them, go for it but remember to add any piece of jewellery (a long necklace for example) that will create a V-line from your neck down.

Square Face – Heart / Round / Wide

Women with a square face should go for round, deep or wide necklines. Heart shape necklines will also look beautiful. You should avoid wearing horizontal or tight necklines.

Important rule: We shouldn’t match the same shape of the neckline with the face shape. For example, if you have an oblong face, you shouldn’t really wear the V-lines. Moreover, each of us has a different face shape. Some of us have also mixed face shapes. If you have any doubts, feel free to message Luxe Designers and we will help you find the perfect neckline for you.

Written by Amelia Krzapa •Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine

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