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To believers, astrology is a science rooted in millennia of history and culture. To me, astrology is something I seek out when I remember it exists in order to see if something fantastic is about to happen to me. I immediately forget my horoscope moments after reading it, even when it strongly cautions me to be careful about making major decisions during the mercury retrograde. Is there something to astrology? I wanted to find out. I exhaustively researched the rich history of astrology in order to answer the question we may ask ourselves at some point: what’s my dream purse based on my astrological sign? If you like your sign’s purse, that’s the power of astrology in action. If you don’t like your sign’s purse, then blame your rising fashion sign or something. Astrology is only real if you like the answers it gives you.


Being a true Scorpian had to check my purse first!! Scorpios are famous for their dark side, and whether or not that reputation is well-earned, they should all immediately purchase this studded fanny pack.


If you’re an Aries, your trailblazing and impulsive nature may lead to some unique bag choices. You are not one to follow trends: you only wear things you love. For the fast-paced adventurer side of Aries, your dream purse is a sporty and classic Le Pliage in an unexpected print.



A Taurus values comfort and functionality, but your laid back style has plenty of room for bold statements. A padded Prada nylon clutch in neon pink will appeal to all your senses – you’ll look cool, and it will feel as if you’re holding a pillow.



As the cliche goes, a Gemini will dress conservatively one day and morph into a punk rocker the next. Your purse collection is likely quite random, but there’s definitely room for a versatile bag you can pair with a variety of different styles. A Dionysus can add edge to a demure outfit or take an edgy look to the next level.



If you’re a Cancer, your look is probably somewhat sophisticated. You may give the PVC bag trend a miss, which is honestly a good decision that I won’t make, but you’re not opposed to adding some drama into your look. Try this delightful Tess bag, which will add a touch of class and elegance to everything you wear.




Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and they also have a thing about hair, so if you’re a Leo, a furry Chanel flap bag should do the trick.



Virgos are practical perfectionists who shy away from splurging in favor of saving up for large investments. This can only mean one thing: every Virgo needs a Birkin bag. While the price is high, Virgos are willing to pay for quality and utility. You’ll buy it second hand, of course, but try to at least choose a fun color! (Full disclosure: I am a Virgo and, yes, I chose the best bag for myself.)



Libra’s are all about balance and tend to gravitate to classic looks. A Givenchy Horizon bag will keep your look fresh as you flit from one social engagement to the next.




Sagittarians are known for their sense of humor and love of adventures. This Louis Vuitton Wave is playful and funky – perfect for taking with you as you explore the world.





Aquarius is the quirky rebel of the zodiac, and that includes fashion choices. Carry these rainbow french fries while you’re leading the revolution.



Capricorns are represented by something called a sea goat, which has the body of a goat and a fish’s tail? Not relevant, but disturbing nonetheless. Capricorns gravitate to the classics, and are known for being responsible and measured. Your dream bag is this Lady Dior, which will easily transition from the office to….more work.




Pisces are symbolized by a gentle and artistic mythical creature named Jon Bon Jovi. Just kidding, though he is a Pisces and I have known that since becoming obsessed with him 25 years ago. Pisces are creative and dreamy, often tending toward the bohemian. Try an elaborately beaded Alaia Mina tote to carry around your flute and paintbrushes.


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