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Remember the article about spring/summer 19 trends? This season is certainly about colours, feathers and fringe accents, but there is more than that. Luxurious fabrics such as silk and lace along with beautiful shapes of the garments are bringing the more sophisticated aesthetic.

Nowadays, feminists are taking over and implementing the idea of redefining the idea of ‘dressing like a lady’! Beautifully tailored and structured puff sleeves are back in fashion.

That is fine, but what does a puff sleeve actually mean?

Puff sleeve is a part of a garment in a globular shape that was made by tucking the fabric on the shoulders. Puffs are usually known as ornaments od retro dresses.

When I heard about puff sleeves this season, I was not exactly happy about dressing like a princess as I used to do when I was a little girl. Luckily, this trend is not only about pastel colours and massive tulle dresses. Fashion designers thought about everyone and showed a variety of pieces. From streetwear to glamour and formal, puffy shoulder detailing add some elegance and embrace the even the most basic look.

Puffy shoulders and powers suits form a relationship with the 80s, but today’s fashionistas encourage us to create modern looks that will only be inspired by old trends.

There are many effortless ways to make your outfit look fresh and up to date. We have found some inspirations for you, but remember that you are your own fashion stylist. We love seeing your unique fashion ideas!

  1. White shirt + blue jeans

You can wear a white shirt and blue denim jeans every day. This time choose a shirt with puffy sleeves instead of a simple one. Still casual but girly and outstanding.

  1. Brown blouse + white midi skirt

Feel the summer and bright up your wardrobe with a white midi skirt paired with a large, simple blouse. Remember that brown shades are in fashion now.

  1. Black transparent blouse + long skirt

If you like to stay classy, choose a monochromatic black look. The simple, long, fitted skirt will look fantastic with a massive transparent sleeves crop top.

  1. Padded shoulder dress in metallic colour

‘Dress to impress.’ A geometrical padded shoulder dress with a medium width waist belt will highlight your gorgeous body shape. This will be a great outfit for a night out and formal parties.

  1. Long beige trench coat and long boots

When a colder day comes, choose a classic light beige trench coat. Pair it with long leather high heel boots in different colours.

Social media influencers, bloggers, and fashion magazines love this subtle and romantic puff sleeves trend. Do you? Is this a utility trend for you? Try it and feel like a princess in the spotlight.

Written by Amelia Krzapa Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine 



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