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If you are following our Instagram account you will notice that we have been posting our favourite Kate Spade bags today. We started talking about Kate Spade (coffee chat), and wondered how could this happen to her. A successful, smart, bright hard working women who from the outside “had it all”.

The news that fashion designer Kate Spade took her own life in June 2018, is highlighting to many the universality of mental illness and the sad reality that it can affect anyone in any walk of life.

Social media quickly filled with tributes to the 55-year-old as news broke of her death. Many of the headlines focused on public shock, because the successful designer, on the surface, appeared to “have it all”.

It’s often been said that mental illness and suicide doesn’t  discriminate, it’s not really about a person’s circumstances. In some ways a highly successful person can even feel trapped because everything seems perfect – they think nobody will understand or believe that they have a problem.

Having passed at the age of 55 in her Manhattan apartment, Kate Spade’s legacy in the fashion industry is an impactful one that will live on.

Kate Spade is an icon synonymous with shaping the quintessential image of contemporary American accessories today, Kate Spade was a designer who left an indelible impact on the fashion industry. Her whimsical, brightly coloured handbags bridged the gap between High-street and Luxury fashion, infusing a playful charm and accessibility into the industry that had been strictly exclusive back in the ‘90s. The purses and accessories she made became a status symbol well-coveted by women.

As women are we ever at peace or is it the constant struggle to “have it all”?

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