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We Can’t Decide Which Pair Of These New-Season Trainers Tops Our Wishlist.

Get excited. It’s time to choose your new-season trainers. If your obsession with all things sneaks runs deep, you’ve probably already bookmarked 20 pairs, but if the next few months in trending trainers is about realising something: it’s breaking out of your comfort zone.

There’s less of a push on trainers that could pass for genuine school-approved shoes right now, with more of a moment set aside for styles that genuinely look like you could run a marathon in them. Wear them with your party dresses, sportswear has never been more glam than in 2019.

It was a quieter season for sneakers on the catwalk as designers looked to the ladylike appeal of satin Mary Janes and the return of deathly high stilettos instead. That being said, trainers are inevitably going to remain in the real-life wardrobe, and the new-season drops confirm this to be true.

Prada’s sans laces in neon green and fluorescent pink will still add a sporty finish to the ’90s-rave-meets-new-age-armour aesthetic that we’re still obsessed with, while Chloe’s mis-match styles reference the mood in sportswear and the brand’s French aesthetic all in one, or what about Yeezy’s dad-meets-3000 style that have proven to be a mainstay of Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe of late? Yes please.

While new innovations in footwear make talking about trainers all the more exciting, don’t disregard the old-school appeal of a pair of Vans or JW Anderson’s take on classic – and not-so classic – Converse. In fact, going old-school will give you a knowing air of appreciation, no doubt.

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