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Easter Sunday is only one week away, we already feel the rush as there is still so much to do. With all the shock of the duties, we also need to find some time to plan our Easter outfits. As the sunny days have finally come, the Luxe Designers team is enjoying the early spring vibe and we are delighted to share with you some ideas for this year’s Easter celebrations outstanding looks.


There are many recommendations to wear girly, pastel colours when joining your family for Easter Sunday breakfast. Although, this year you should take a new and trendy approach. What about a hippie style, long colourful dress? Or maybe, a neon pink neat suit?


Definitely go for bold patterns! Floral or artsy tie-dye will give the spring touches to your look and mood. If you prefer to wear simple clothes in plain colours you can always accessorize it with a stylish oversized floral shawl.


Easter is the time of the year to flaunt your best accessories. Mix and match it but remember that often less is more. Large plastron necklace can be paired with some small stud earrings. Remember that this season chokers are back in the fashion graces.


Classic stilettos in the neutral colour? Certainly. They always look elegant and are appropriate for occasions like Easter. However, flats are not a bad idea either. If the weather is real nice, you may think of putting on a pair of pointed toe flat shoes or perhaps leather loafers.


Don’t waste your time on thinking of some fancy hairstyles. Choose the light classy waves or delicate, simple updos. A chic headband or two classic bobby pins on the side will also make your hair look great.


When your Easter outfit is ready, think of enhancing your look by doing a perfect makeup. If you decided to wear bright colours, you can wear a smokey eye with a soft lip gloss. Although, if you prefer to wear a bold colour lipstick don’t overdo it and keep your eye shadows light and delicate. In this case, the balance should be kept. Finish your makeup with a touch of pink blush and highlighter. You will definitely shine this Easter!

There is no doubt that you could create a cute Easter outfit from the pieces that you have in your closet for years. Although, we won’t stop you if you wish to buy some new pieces. Every occasion is an occasion, so you got the permission!

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