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It might seem that bags are just accessories, a small addition to the whole look. However, sometimes a bag is the main and the most important element of your look. That is why you need to know how to match it with your style and which one to choose for different occasions.

We have created a list of nine tips for you on how to choose a bag that will go well with your style. Which style are you?

Classy (Chic) A combination of elegance and comfort. Neat garments with chic jewellery need to be paired with a beautiful black classy bag with a chain strap. This perfect match will keep you a great companion when going for a dinner or to the opera. Marc Jacobs quilted leather shoulder bag.

Casual (Everyday) – We need bags every day. Givenchy bag in a bright colour will definitely make your life easier. One pocket for your phone, one for your makeup bag and some more for keys, sunglasses and your wallet. That is a great day-to-day organisation!


Smart-casual (Work) – When going to the office every day, you need to feel comfortable but still fashionable. Don’t forget to take your stunning bag with magenta pink details that will keep your office outfit look fun and trendy.

Formal (Important meeting/job interview) – What can give you more confidence before an important meeting or a job interview than a designer bag? Match your sophisticated formal suit with a simple leather Kate Spade bag and show your power!

Bohemian (Boho, Holiday) – Flowy fabrics straight from the 1960s and 1970s? When wearing your favourite colourful long dress with some exotic patterns, choose a light Coach bag in funky colours.

Vintage (Old – school fan) – Do you like spending hours in second hand store looking for some unique old-school pieces? Your Prada bag, in different colours, could be a fantastic addition to your overall look. Also, don’t forget that designer bags are timeless.

Preppy (College) – Going back to your university days by wearing these blazers with pops of color and bold prints? It is necessary to have a cute girly blush pink bag with a bow.

Rocker (Rock music fan) – Rockers feel great in black leather motorcycle jackets, heavy combat boots and bracelets with studs. Our black leather Kate Spade bag with white details will be a great addition.

Sporty (Comfortable) – Are you a gym lover? If comfy tight yoga leggings, loose sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers are that what you could wear all the time choose a beige Gucci bag to add some female elegance and still feel comfortable and ready to run.



Remember that your bag represents you. Think carefully before making a decision and choose the one that will perfectly match your style and personality.

Let us know if you need any further guidance. We are always happy to help!



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