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Bags are big business – specifically designer bags. Just about attainable, completely not affordable, and covered in magic “buy me now” ink, designer bags aren’t just a status symbol. Getting our little piece of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Prada, or Versace heaven has become something most girls (and guys) aspire to. When it comes to bags, parting with hard-earned cash is something some of us won’t think twice about. Not a day goes by without some celebrity stepping out with the latest designer bag nicely visible for the cameras. Chanel? We can count on Meghan Markle, Sofia Vergara, Rihanna, and Hilary Duff. Gucci? Hello, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. The Kardashian-Jenner clan has every other brand out there covered, but which of Kylie Jenner’s $400,000 purse collection is actually worth it?

Louis Vuitton’s website has 469 handbags to choose from – and that’s the women’s section alone. Every style, from the Georges MM to the Speedy can be customized and monogrammed. The LV 2018 FIFA World Cup collection basically sold like hot cakes. Meanwhile, at Chanel, we can choose from Accordion, Minaudière, the Gabrielle collection, or the itsy-bitsy Waist Bag (and its not so itsy-bits $2,700 price tag). When we want a designer purse and don’t know where to start, lists like these will divide up the “don’t bothers” from the “must-haves.” If Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Valentino, or Balenciaga make your heart race, keep reading. Here are 20 designer bags for 2019 that are totally worth the splurge.


Luggage giant Coach got pretty lucky in 2018 when Selena Gomez announced that her bags collaboration would go one step further – into ready-to-wear clothes. The singer celebrated her partnership with the brand by releasing the Selena Grace line in 2017. Not surprisingly, Coach suddenly became a lot more trendy. Selena is promoting the Parker 18 here. With a starting price of $330, it’s definitely one of the more affordable bags on this list. It has signature coated canvas, a refined calf leather and suede fabric, adjustable straps, and a range of color palettes from teal to mauve. The iconic rose clip lock gives it the statement finish, and yes, it’s set to be huge in 2019.


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Louis Vuitton is still making headlines for having hired the trendiest man in fashion as its artistic director for menswear. Virgil Abloh comes complete with a Kardashian friend set, his own OFF-WHITE label, plus his epic Converse collaborations. Choosing a bag in a Louis Vuitton store is like asking a kid in a candy shop to “just pick one.” The Speedy is definitely one of the most iconic. This versatile, functional, sporty bag comes in multiple sizes and models, from the Speedy Bandoulière 30 to the Speedy 25.

Louis Vuitton is so exclusive, it’s never on sale. Louis Vuitton actually burns or shreds unsold goods at the end of every year.



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Ask any fashionista – a Hermès Birkin will always be a classic. The French luxury fashion house named its Birkin bag after the actress and singer, Jane Birkin. The ultimate status symbol, the Birkin is known for its luxury craftsmanship and iconic ladylike look. Victoria Beckham owns over 100, and prices range from $12,000 for the most basic, to over $300,000 for alligator skin or rare customizations. There’s a definite “ladies who lunch” look to this bag, although don’t think it’s just carried around by the likes of Kris Jenner. Emma Watson, Katy Perry, and Heidi Klum have all been spotted with one. Kendall Jenner, as you can see, wears the Birkin with even the most casual looks.


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OFF-WHITE is the ultra-hip brand nobody saw coming. With Louis Vuitton’s menswear director Virgil Abloh branching into hip-hop infused streetwear, the athleisure wear domain has gotten its luxury designer, and OFF-WHITE is it. Featuring industrial motifs, loud yellows, monochromes, and a new-kid-on-the-block feel, you’d be mistaken to think that this isn’t super high-end. Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE campaigns feature Kendall Jenner holding the camera, and this guy is “in.” Fortunately, so are his bags. The 2018 New Season Striped Logo Crossbody Bag is a 100% leather purse with an urban look, plenty of disruptive hype, and a “goes with anything” feel. Yours for just over $1000.



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When Kylie Jenner posted for Forbes‘ “first self-made billionaire” cover, she was smartly dressed in a black pantsuit with her statement Christian Louboutin heels clearly visible. The French shoe giant successfully acquired a patent for its signature red leather soles, which themselves cost a pretty penny. Christian Louboutin doesn’t just make shoes, though. For a piece of the signature red glam on a purse that’ll likely last way longer than any pair of shoes, there’s always the Paloma bag. Drawing on the Spanish name and red flourishes, this is a tote with a pulse and a fiery leopard print finish. Jennifer Lopez likely didn’t notice the price. You will, but it’s an investment.

15FENDI KAN I: FROM $2,000

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Prepare for the Fendi logo to overtake Louis Vuitton’s. In July 2018, Fendi announced three generations of Kardashians as the faces for its #Peekaboo campaign– the pics of Kim K, her mom, and her daughter marked North West’s first modeling gig. The Italian luxury brand has Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld behind it (and every celeb out there wearing it). The Fendi Kan is most popular in either multicolor or recognizable Fendi logos. It’s an undeniable “it” bag for 2019, and at around $2,000, it’s yours.


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A Chanel bag will always be an investment. The world-famous French fashion house is considered to be the epitome of classic French elegance, and Chanel no. 5 perfume is the best-selling fragrance in the world. Since owning Chanel clothes is only a reality for the ultra-wealthy, the most we can get our hands on is one of their exquisite purses. Always classy, a Chanel bag is the definitive way to add chic to any look. The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is an elegant day purse with that iconic Chanel twist – a little bit of glam. Sofia Vergara wore it in LA recently.


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Balenciaga has gone from frumpy old lady brand to on-trend as they come. The Spanish clothing and accessories line has channeled all things athleisure, and it’s been out with the cashmere and in with streetwear. Think bold colors, oversized sweats, statement tees, and a whole lot of celebs. The Balenciaga Ville XS leather tote is the Ville’s mini sister. Crafted in Italy from grained calfskin, the bag flies the flag for “Hollywood trendy” with its ultra-visible logo, but the quality is all there. Gisele, Jessica Alba, Kim K, and Miley Cyrus are all Balenciaga fans. This bag is an absolute 2019 must-have.


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Christian Dior is another French heavyweight. The luxury fashion house announced Jennifer Lawrence as the face of its 2018 Cruise campaign, although Dior is no stranger to celebrity spokespersons. Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman have all been spokespersons for Dior’s clothing, accessories, and fragrances. Robert Pattinson has fronted the brand’s menswear. Classic elegance with an evening edge is what you’ll get from most Dior looks. It’s precisely what you’ll get with the impeccably sharp Diorama bag. Available in pillar box red, cream, and black, it’s sleek, boxy, and embossed with the Archicannage motif. At $3,370, it’s a hefty price to pay, but it’s definitely worth the splurge.


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Not many “it” bags are sophisticated and functional all at once. The Fendi Peekaboo might have a childish name, but this is some serious sophistication. Polished gold hardware gives the outer its grown-up edge, and you get 1.8 lbs of quality calfskin leather. With a detachable shoulder strap and two roomy internal compartments, this is a bag that’s designed for your entire life “on-the-go,” and it’s flying off shelves.

Hailey Baldwin owns one, as do Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid, and Khloe Kardashian.

The bag first hit runways ten years ago, but with Harper’s Bazaar marking its 10th anniversary with a full feature, the Fendi Peekaboo is the cream of the crop.


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Glossy, monogrammed, and ultra-chic, the Louis Vuitton Alma PM bag is the ultimate girly indulgence. With the signature domed shape and countless color and size variations, it’s got that eye-catching varnished finish and trust us – nobody is going to miss the fact that you are a Louis Vuitton owner. The Alma range comes in monogram canvas, Damier Ebène, Monogram Vernis (you’re looking at it), plus Epi Leather, Epi Electric, and cute owl embellishments. Parting with over $2,000 for a bag requires some reflection, although most fashionistas agree that you get a Louis Vuitton bag for life (not just for Christmas).


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Céline stayed under the radar for quite a while. The ultra-luxurious French fashion brand pits streamlined elegance against girly quirks, and the celebs are loving it. PurseBlog wrote an entire feature on Hilary Duff’s Céline obsession, and the 2018 Céline looks have included Hailey Baldwin and Demi Lovato. First, there was the Céline Big Bag. Then the endless Céline wallets. The Céline Micro Luggage handbag is a smooth, drummed calfskin take on chopped-up design. It’s got the color splash, the sturdy hand or shoulder option, plus a range of colors including tan, red, white, and black. The Nano version is slightly cheaper, but don’t expect to pay any less than $2000.


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Most women have been falling in love with the Prada Etiquette bag – Gigi Hadid included. Much like the other high fashion giants, Prada has its own signature logo. You’ll always find it on the box of a Prada bag, but not all bags display it. The Prada Etiquette decided to let women express their love of Prada by having the iconic logo (the “etiquette”) on the bag’s outer. This purse is thick, durable, stylish, and super sleek with its matte finish. It retails for $2,280, so dig deep.

**Don’t think that the name means “etiquette” as in manners. “Etiquette” means “label” in French.


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“5 Reasons Why the Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Bag Is Your Next Bag Crush.” That was Italist Magazine‘s headline not so long ago. Dolce & Gabbana is an internationally loved Italian brand led by Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana. Kris Jenner just posted an Instagram dinner pic of her hanging out with Domenico – yes, those kinds of circles. 2018 at Dolce & Gabbana was all about bold, colorful, Sicilian-inspired prints. The Sicily Bag comes in 157 different sizes, colors, and styles. D&G didn’t end up in rap records about luxury for nothing. The price tag for this bag starts at $1,224.



Saint Laurent is a French designer whose name has had quite a few revamps. Back when Yves Saint Laurent was alive, the fashion house bore his full name. Then there was the “YSL” era. Still carrying the designer’s initials, but mostly known as Saint Laurent, the brand’s reputation for quintessential French luxury still stands. Saint Laurent’s clothing, accessories, and makeup are loved by women around the world. Olivia Culpo wore the YSL Cassandre bag, although back in the real world, women save theirs for special occasions. The Cassandre retails for a starting price of $2,350.


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Backpacks are all the rage. For most of us, that’ll be a sports backpack from a major brand like Nike or Adidas. Don’t think that the fashion world hasn’t got its own version, though. Enter backpacks, designer style. Givenchy is a top-end French brand that became iconic in the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany‘s. If a head-to-toe Givenchy-dressed Audrey Hepburn isn’t class, we don’t know what is. Givenchy lovers include Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Katie Holmes, and Bella Hadid. The Givenchy backpack? It’s got the seal of approval from Kylie Jenner. At just over $1000, the black leather Nano backpack is slightly more affordable than other models on this list. It’s still a splurge, though.


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Gucci’s belt bag is so on-trend, it actually featured on Harper’s Bazaar‘s “Definitive It Bags of 2018.” Gucci has been flying the flag for high-end Italian luxury for decades now. Belt bags have enjoyed somewhat of a comeback. Rihanna has been spotted in several models, and we all know that the 90’s fanny pack look is perfect for the high-waisted jeans and sneakers. Other designers have tried to monetize on the belt bag, but Gucci comes out as a front-runner here. This GG Marmont is $1,110 – the same price as the Ophidia GG (which has the iconic logo as its fabric).


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One of high fashion’s more affordable offerings comes in the form of the Taiwanese-American designer, Alexander Wang. With his flowing black hair, urban street vibes, and celeb following, all things #WangGang are in, and this bag definitely is. The pebbled Rockie bag has an iconic studded exterior, two top handles, an Alexander Wang logo patch, and a phone pocket. It’s a bag designed by a millennial for millennials. Mini versions start at around $795. Tinashe joins Kaia Gerber and Vince Staple in the Alexander Wang commercials.

You’re in good company with Alexander Wang. The #WangGang includes Kaia Gerber, Vince Staple, and every Kardashian around.


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While a Jonas brother will always be Priyanka Chopra’s favorite accessory, this is an actress who knows her bags. In 2018, Priyanka was papped at LAX Airport with her svelte, dove-gray Givenchy Antigona. If you look closely, it almost looks like she’s waving Louis Vuitton into the background. The Antigona is one of high fashion’s most definitive “it” bags. You’re looking at Italian-crafted leather with a hard-wearing canvas lining, a little Boston inspiration, and sculpted masculine details. The bag is incredibly feminine though – probably why PurseBlog ran a comprehensive list of celebs spotted with it. They include Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, Sofia Vergara, and Kourtney Kardashian.


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Chanel is considered the pinnacle of all French designers. Coco Chanel was the original #GirlBoss back in the 1930s, and her legacy lives on in every 2018 fashionista. The brand’s celeb faces have included Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, and Lily-Rose Depp, and the fanbase is endless. Nicki Minaj’s love of Chanel knows no bounds. At nearly $6000, the Classic Chanel Handbag will put a sizeable dent in your wallet, although smaller versions knock off up to $1500.

Nicki Minaj started crying when Chanel sent her a $1 million limited edition purse. Watch it on YouTube just click.


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