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The hottest season of the year has come and with the recent Heat Wave around Europe, the Luxe Designers team is super excited. We love the sun and the whole positive vibe that is around. What we also like about summer is the fact that July and August means going on holidays, chilling and sunbathing on the beach. Thus, we have been following the latest trends in order to choose the perfect beach outfits. When scrolling down the fashion websites or walking from one fashion retailer to another, we have noticed that most of the items are completely different than those that we remember from some years ago. It inspired us to check and find out how the ladies swimwear has been evolving. And this is what we would like to share with you today.

1800 – Full body coverage 

Let’s go back to the year 1800. This was the time of the full body coverage, literally FULL – it was not just a one-piece swimsuit that we know from today. Back then, women used to wear heavy dresses made from flannel or even wool.

1910 – Suffragettes

Annette Kellerman was fighting for women’s rights by wearing a one-piece swimsuit and got arrested for that. However, her move inspired other women to start wearing more comfortable swimwear.

1920-1940 – Lastex

During this period of time, ladies were willing to wear less fabric, show their legs, and shoulders. The manufacturers started producing lastex as the wool fabric that had been worn previously was very heavy and uncomfortable.

1940-1960 – Bikini

The two-piece swimsuit and beautiful bikini had the debut. Although, in the 1950s the bikini was still considered to be scandalous and almost unacceptable. And so came Brigitte Bardot who helped bikinis become a normal trend.

1960-1980 – ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’

Have you ever heard the song by Brian Hyland “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?” This particular song helped bikinis to go mainstream even more. Beaches and swimming pools were full of beautiful two-piece bikinis in different colours and patterns. Although, in 1970 the trend of sporty one-piece swimsuits with short legs came back and was very popular within the sports freaks. Furthermore, 1980 was the time of low cut one-piece swimsuits. Why? You probably already know the answer – ‘Baywatch’. Who wouldn’t like to look as sexy as Pamela Anderson?

1990-2000 – Baywatch

The trend of trying to look like Pamela Anderson was still there, playing with colours and patterns. When 2000 came along, tankinis, triangle tops, and low sitting bottoms became a thing. Ladies were happy to mix and match, wear the tops and bottoms from different sets and still look fabulous.

Present – Old style come back

What about today? There is such a huge range of products to choose from. We do not have to worry about not finding the perfect swimwear. We also certainly see a big come back of the past with a delicate touch of modernity. High-waist bottoms, low cut one-piece suits, and some classics. Which one have you chosen for your holiday?

Written by Amelia Krzapa Editor-in-chief • AIM Magazine 


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